GSoC part 1: an introduction!

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Yesterday, after waiting for what felt like a very long time, I finally got the results of my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) application! I can happily say that one of my proposals has been accepted: I will work with Peter Hutterer to redesign and rewrite Piper. The synopsis of my proposal is as follows:

Piper is an application frontend to libratbag and ratbagd, a library and system daemon to configure gaming mice respectively. In its current state Piper is not user friendly and lacks support for features found in many modern gaming mice. This project aims to reimplement Piper such that it is more user friendly and can support these missing new features.

Examples of such missing features are button remapping, LED assignment and profiles.

I intend to write a blog post roughly every two weeks to keep you up to date on my progress as I go. Blogging will force me to collect my thoughts and review my progress (it will, hopefully, function as my rubber ducky – so that I won’t have to (ab)use my girlfriend). I hope that it will give you an incremental overview of my progress and perhaps I can inspire those of you that may want to take on a similar project but find it daunting to start somewhere.

This blog post is the start of a series. You can read the next part about the community bonding period here.