License locations: proof of concept code for a draft research paper

For the course IN4252 Web Science & Engineering I had to write a draft research paper, titled Open source software licenses: is there a correlation between developer location and software licenses?. In this paper I attempted to map the use of free and open source software licenses, in order to see whether a developer’s geographic location is a determinant of FOSS license choice. If you are interested in reading the draft (it was never required to go further, and never did), please reach out to me and I will send it to you.

The proof of concept code reads users’ locations from a datadump of GitHub acquired from the GHTorrent project. This project, however, did not store project licenses (though it may by now), so I wrote some code to augment the data with the project license. This is done by querying GitHub through its API for every project for every user. Note however that this is done for the first 5000 users only, as this is the rate limit set by GitHub and it was only a proof of concept anyway. To see how to set it all up, should you want to do the same, see the README in the project.

The code is written in Go. I did not pay attention to speed, robustness nor ease of use. Find the source code on GitHub.