This website is now HTTPS only again!

Posted:  • 1 minute read • Last modified:

From today, my website enforces HTTPS again! Github Pages have been supporting HTTPS since June 2016, so when my website was reachable only through I got all of that for free. In fact, because HTTPS is the future(tm), I enabled Github Pages' enforce HTTPS feature in my website’s settings.

Since March, my website is also reachable through (www.) When I set this up, I knew I would lose the ability to enforce HTTPS because up until yesterday, Github Pages did not support HTTPS for custom domains. I thought this wouldn’t be a big issue for a low traffic (I assume; I am not using any analytics but let’s be realistic) blog like mine with only static content. Plus, I knew that HTTPS support for custom domains would eventually come, so I went ahead and set things up.

I forgot all about this until yesterday, when I saw a broadcast on GitHub informing the world about HTTPS support for custom domains. An update to my DNS' A records later and here we are: HTTPS is again enforced for this website, and all I had to do for it was update some DNS settings. Thanks, GitHub!