Giving up maintainership of Piper and Gcolor3

Posted:  • 2 minute read

Today, I handed over the maintainership of Gcolor3 to Christopher Davis, also known as Brainblasted. As you may have noticed, I have little time (and to be honest, little interest) to keep Gcolor3 up to date.

Gcolor3 was my first project and still a project I’m proud of, but it is time for me to move on. It’s not easy to give over the maintainership, but it’s the best thing to do for both the project and myself: users shouldn’t have to wait days or weeks for me to respond, and I shouldn’t have to feel guilty and pressured whenever I get a notification.

Chris has provided some merge requests for Gcolor3 over the last few months and has been building quite the profile for himself within the GNOME community. As such, I feel confident that Chris will do a great job: Chris has already merged several commits that fix multiple issues since I gave him access to the repository! (One particularly balsy move is to rename the project only hours after taking over 😉). This has only solidified my decision, so; thank you, Chris! I am excited to see where you’ll take Gcolor3.

For similar reasons, three months ago I have given up my maintainership of Piper. I hadn’t been active in the Piper or libratbag projects for a while and similar to Gcolor3, I had little time nor interest to stay involved.

It took me a while to realize, but over time, your motivations and interests change, and that is totally fine. However, you owe it to yourself and your projects to admit that: users shouldn’t have to wait for your attention and you shouldn’t have to feel guilty whenever someone reaches out to you.

Thank you to all Gcolor3 contributors, to all Piper and libratbag maintainers and to Peter Hutterer, Benjamin Tissoires and Christopher Davis in particular!