Gcolor3 has moved to GNOME's GitLab!

Posted:  • 2 minute read • Last modified:

Gcolor3 has moved from GitHub to GNOME’s GitLab instance! You can now find the repository at https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/gcolor3. This was suggested by GNOME developer Jeremy Bicha and finalized very quickly by Carlos Soriano, thanks both!

Being on GNOME’s GitLab is awesome, because Gcolor3 is now surrounded by other GNOME projects. This should make it easier to find for many people, but there are other benefits too. Since the move yesterday, I have already received nine merge requests! Granted, eight were from the same developer, but it’s very encouraging to see this amount of contribution so early! What’s more, Gcolor3 will now be able to receive translations from GNOME’s Translation teams!

We can now also use GNOME GitLab’s continuous integration services to test Gcolor3. This will require making Gcolor3 testable, and actually writing tests. I have opened an issue for this; if this is something that interests you, then please do take a look!

In other news, I have released version 2.3.1. The previous release did not include correct URLs to the screenshots in the AppData file. I also quickly improved the saved colors page a bit after a suggestion by GNOME’s LapoC to make it more alike other applications on Reddit. This release also includes two contributions by Tobias Kortkamp from FreeBSD, to get Gcolor3 working on FreeBSD, thanks!