Cage 0.1.1 is out

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Just a quick notification to anyone following this website for Cage updates: I just released Cage 0.1.1. This release serves mostly for packagers that want to package Cage with wlroots 0.6.0, such as the Arch Linux packagers.

As such, not too much has changed between 0.1 and 0.1.1:

  1. Cage now drops root on startup on systems without (e)logind support (such as FreeBSD).
  2. The XKB_* environment variables can now be used to configure keyboard devices.
  3. Cage’s damage tracking implementation has been optimized in order to submit less damage, resulting in less resource usage and smoother operation.
  4. Cage will now attempt to use the monitor’s preferred mode (if advertised). Otherwise, it will fall back to the last listed mode, which is usually the preferred one.

Even though this minor release contains only 13 commits, those commits are made by 4 authors and even more users have reported issues. Between 0.1 and 0.1.1 Cage has been starred 68 times, bringing the total to 153. For a niche project as Cage, these numbers show a healthy community interest, for which I am thankful!

The signed release (6EBC43B1) is available on GitHub. Compile this version of Cage against wlroots 0.6.0.

For the path to 1.0, please see the previous release announcement. As always, if you want to help out with the development of Cage, please feel free to reach out! I can assist (and/or mentor) anyone willing to contribute.

For questions, comments or feedback you can reach me on Twitter, GitHub or email.